Commercial Office Cleaning Companies – Would You Like A Franchise in Avon, OH?

Wouldn’t it be great to own your own franchise and be one of the top commercial office cleaning companies in Avon, OH? With Anago, you can! Be your own boss, set your own schedules, and increase your potential earnings. A franchise is a unique business opportunity that allows you to invest in yourself and your future. What’s the best aspect of being a part of the Anago Franchise network? When you choose to work with one of America’s leading commercial office cleaning companies, you’re never on your own. We provide everything you’ll need – training, the sanitization system, ongoing support – for as long as you need it. That’s our promise to you!

Invest in your Future with Anago

Are you living the life you want, earning the money you desire? Don’t just wait for your dreams to come true – make them happen right now! Believe it or not, our exclusive Anago Franchise program makes it easy to own your own company. When you finally pursue your passion and become a part of our commercial office cleaning companies, you’ll enjoy a great many benefits, such as:


Wish you could start your business right now but don’t have enough money? With Anago financing programs, you’ll get the support you need from us. We’ll also help you out further by including financing for the initial fee and be there for you if you need to open extra accounts.


Convinced you don’t have the necessary experience to start your new venture? Thanks to our in-depth orientation program, you’ll get all the training you need to run your business. Our program covers everything, from information on techniques to professional cleaning strategies to billing and bookkeeping. There are no extra costs or hidden fees– everything’s included in the franchise price.

Guaranteed Business

With an Anago franchise, you’re also guaranteed start-up contracts, so you can begin working immediately. You’ll be set from day one!


We know very well how essential it is to have insurance and bonding protection, so we also include that in all our franchise packages. As such, both you and your employees will be fully covered from the get-go. That means, your financial investment will be perfectly safe!

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Start off your business with everything you’ll need to clean. We provide cleaning supplies and equipment packages as well. And, with our no-hassle credit program, franchisees can easily purchase additional products or equipment without having to pay out of pocket.


Don’t worry about billing and collection, we’ve got you covered! Our team offers friendly, helpful support, so you can focus on what’s most important – growing your company.

Sales and Marketing

Every Anago franchise also includes sales and marketing tools, such as business cards, brochures, and branded apparel. With these quality tools, you’ll be able to promote your business right away. Before you know it, your franchise will grow quickly, all thanks to our additional resources.