Of all the franchise opportunities in all the industries available to you, few offer the potential for sustained success available as an Anago franchisee. We offer a cleaning business franchise opportunity that has proven itself again as a game changer for would-be business owners looking into starting a cleaning business of their own.

You may have never before considered the possibility of owning a commercial cleaning business, but doing so may be your ticket to financial freedom. Anago offers low-cost franchises that are accompanied by unrivaled support and a proven path to success. You don’t have to have previously owned business to buy a franchise with Anago. Upon joining our team, your Regional Office will get to work in providing a foundation of support that will allow you to grow your business as quickly as you would like.

Our Anago of Cleveland office handles most of the administrative tasks associated with a small business, including everything from finding clients, to estimating and setting up cleaning contracts, to billing and collection. You are able to focus on cleaning office buildings, manufacturing facilities, and just about any other commercial property.

You will receive both initial and ongoing orientation from Anago of Cleveland. Additionally, you will learn the ins and outs of how to build your business on a solid foundation and avoid the mistakes that isolated entrepreneurs can make. You’ll learn local market dynamics from the pros and how to deliver first-class client service, leading to contract renewals and word-of-mouth referrals. You will be able to multiply your time and energy using the Anago system and that will multiply your earnings!

Why should you choose a janitorial business franchise with Anago above all other opportunities? The aforementioned support system is one reason, and the fact that our industry is exploding and recession proof is another. All you have to do is tap into our proven methods of helping franchisees to lift off, and become the business owner you’ve always wanted to be. As you learn about starting a cleaning business, Anago will support you:

  • Build your business on a foundation based on proven methods of growing a franchise.
  • The orientation process at Anago is ongoing; allowing our franchisees the opportunity to grow as business owners.
  • Solid leads are provided for you so that you can begin building your business immediately.
  • The majority of your administrative duties will be handled by our Regional Office.
  • Grow your business as quickly or as slowly as you would like.

Small Business Opportunity

It is a known fact more non-franchised businesses fail while just the opposite is true of franchised ones. Why? Because franchised businesses are based on models that have already been tried and shown to be successful.

One of the best parts of owning an Anago commercial cleaning franchise is the fact that there is very low overhead. This is an ideal home-based business because you don’t need a sales force, a billing department, or an administrative staff – we do it all for you! You can skip the paperwork and sales calls that burden other types of businesses.

All you need to do to be successful is to follow Anago’s proven time-tested system. If you can complete the necessary tasks in a timely manner, you can make money and grow your business. Then, you can train others to do the same and you’ll grow even faster. There is truly no limit as to how much you can earn from owning your Anago cleaning franchise.

Information Management Made Simple

With Anago, you are a business owner in a growing, recession-resistant business. What makes Anago different is that our simple yet powerful systems allow you to grow as fast as you like – you set the pace. You can actually start this as a part-time venture and grow it into a full-time business that will earn you as much income as you want.

Your business is supported by a team that you can truly rely on. To provide the highest level of support, most of the related administrative work involved in owning a business can be handled for you. These activities range from client acquisition to billing and collections. You will only have to concentrate on satisfying your clients and growing your business!

Coaching and Support

Anago Cleaning Systems of Cleveland stands beside your business every step of the way and will provide you with everything from how to properly train your employees, to on-going business coaching. We will help guide you to success! Using the Anago system, you can grow as big and as fast as you want by acquiring new accounts, business referrals, and by providing specialty services; thus, making the growth choices yours to make.

Becoming a business owner, and doing so under the Anago umbrella, is a decision that will impact your life in many positive ways. You couldn’t choose a better industry or find a better opportunity within that industry than the one you will find right here. Find your future through this unique cleaning franchise opportunity, and learn how you can get involved starting a cleaning business.