Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Cleveland, OH

As you probably already know, in the restaurant business, a poor rating from the Cleveland health inspectors can lead to a significant loss of business. Yes! Many of your customers read the monthly restaurant reviews and tend to avoid those with poor ratings. The commercial kitchen cleaning services offered by Anago are designed to keep your restaurant, in particular, the kitchen and food preparation areas looking their absolute best, ensuring a much higher inspection rating the next time the health inspector comes by.

There is no more challenging yet crucial part of keeping your health code rating is keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary. In order to avoid violations, your kitchen cleanliness must be maintained at the highest levels. On top of this, poor sanitation can lead to seriously ill customers and workplace injuries. By using our commercial kitchen cleaning services, we can help reduce these risks.

Among the hardest places to keep clean in your kitchen is the vent hoods and grease traps. Using our proprietary green cleaning supplies and methods, we keep these areas along with the floors and other challenging areas of your kitchen up to code. But the kitchen is only one part of the bigger picture.

When it comes to your customers, their first impressions are everything. A dirty restaurant will ensure few come back. Everything from your floors and blinds to the seating and tables must be kept spotless. While your staff can do some of the cleaning, the work they do is not enough, and they already have enough to do. By hiring Anago to handle your commercial kitchen cleaning we can add in cleaning your front of house. We also provide full restroom cleaning services, ensuring they are sanitary and spotless. Dirty restrooms in a restaurant are considered to be one of the biggest turnoffs. At Anago of Cleveland, we take care of your restaurant from top to bottom, ensuring both your customers and the health inspector are kept happy.