In educational facilities like daycares and preschools, germs spread rapidly like wildfire. These germs not only put students at significant risk, but they also place families and staff at risk of contamination too. As young children are still learning hygiene habits and developing proper bathroom practices, they’re particularly susceptible to unsanitary germs and infection. What’s more, since they’re so young, they’re also less resistant to disease than older children or adults. Unfortunately, microbes thrive in the bathrooms and classrooms of schools, the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. And if those facilities aren’t well maintained and adequately sanitized by specialized daycare cleaning services, we’re looking at a dangerous health hazard.


Attack Germs Where They Thrive the Most

We target breeding areas where germs thrive, areas like door handles, chair backs, cafeteria tables, and desks — locations that are often overlooked by the regular janitorial staff at the school. We make sure that all sections of your facilities will be thoroughly assessed, cleaned, and inspected before we give it our nod of approval. That’s because Anago’s daycare cleaning services have very high safety standards. When our skilled, experienced staff are on-site, we use eco-friendly products that are entirely safe to use around children. Additionally, we recommend our crews come in during holidays, pedagogical days or summer vacation for a complete, more profound sanitation routine.


Anago’s Specialized Daycare Cleaning Service in Cleveland, OH

At Anago, our primary goal is to protect children, teachers, staff, and everyone that enters the building. In the end, we believe there are no excuses when it comes to the health and well-being of our clients. Thus, we spend a lot of time and effort training our crews, ensuring our cleaners are always going above and beyond their actual job descriptions. If there are daycare cleaning tasks you need help with — a washroom that has seen one too many accidents, a colorful masterpiece that was, unfortunately, created on the classroom wall or even graffiti on an exterior playground — our teams are quick to respond, no matter the issue. If we’re not on-site, give us a call, we’d be happy to arrange a convenient time to assist with whatever sanitation needs you may have in your school.