We Beat Other Commercial Office Cleaning Companies in Cleveland with the Anago Plan

  • Advanced Method and Techniques. Unlike other commercial office cleaning companies, we take an innovative approach to commercial cleaning services, and always have. Anago is always striving to improve upon proven methods and techniques so that the janitorial services we provide can continue to evolve. The same goes for our cleaning professionals, who receive ongoing education and training in their craft.
  • SmartClean℠. Employees perform better in a clean and healthy environment, and that is exactly what we strive to provide. Anago creates custom cleaning plans for each client based upon their needs and their budget. In addition, we use green cleaning products to carry out all of our custom cleaning services; providing the healthiest environment possible for your workplace.
  • Cleaning Green. Anago believes in cleaning in a way that is safe for your employees and for the environment as a whole. We never waver in this belief, as illustrated by our use of environmentally sound cleaning equipment, approved dispensing systems, microfiber products and recyclable containers. This is the right way to carry out the commercial facility and office cleaning duties our clients depend on us for.

Professional Commercial Office Cleaning Companies in Cleveland, OH

  • Customized Work Schedule. Each and every one of our business cleaning clients is unique. We strive to provide the custodial services that best address their specific needs, and do so through the creation of a custom cleaning plan. These custom plans address not only your cleaning needs but also the specifics of your budget, and are carried out with professionalism and precision each time we clean. The dedication we have to the businesses we serve helps us stand out from other commercial office cleaning companies.
  • Client Support. The lines of communications are always open at Anago. Our clients have access to a 24/7 service line to address any and all issues they may be experiencing, with emergencies responded to within two hours. We also conduct regular inspections and surveys to make certain our performance is always first-rate.
  • Communications Log. The best way we know to keep you up-to-date on cleaning services that are primarily performed after hours is by keeping a Communications Log on-site at your office or facility. By doing so, we make it easy for you to verify that the work you are paying for is done on time and to your satisfaction.
  • Security Protection. Each and every one of Anago’s cleaning professionals (at every franchise of our commercial office cleaning companies) is licensed and bonded for the work they do, and can be counted on to carry out their work with a commitment to confidentiality.