Benefit your Productivity

How commercial cleaning can benefit productivity at your business.

Choosing to employ a commercial cleaning company to address the cleaning needs of your office or commercial facility is a wise choice on many levels. To be certain, there are companies that keep their cleaning efforts in-house as a way to save money. In many instances, however, the truth is that these companies are costing themselves money in terms of employee productivity, company image, etc.


Studies have been implemented to show the effects of a clean and healthy work environment. In instance after instance, it has been proven that a clean work space increases and sustains employee productivity. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Nobody wants to go to work in an environment that is unclean and unappealing. Conversely, a clean, uplifting environment allows employees to focus on the task at hand and feel better about where they are spending 40+ hours per week.

Investing in a regular cleaning program also decreases germs and bacteria in the workplace. This in turn decreases employee illness and absenteeism, which also leads to more productivity. It is estimated that unclean work environments can increase employee absenteeism by up to 20 percent. Investing in a routine cleaning program is in fact investing in the good health and improved performance of your employees.

Projecting the Right Image

In business, image is everything. If clients are visiting your office or commercial facility for the first time, you want to project an image of professionalism and provide an appealing and inspiring environment. An unclean facility can derail your chance at projecting the image you want in no time at all. Conversely, a clean, appealing workplace can go a long way in establishing the image you want in the minds of clients. Some studies have projected that companies with a good image are up to 30% more profitable; reinforcing the benefits of contracting with a qualified cleaning company.